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Payment Information for current students:
CERTIFICATE (Individual Courses)


When does the IB Program Start?
The IB program is a Junior and Senior level program designed to educate the whole person.  We encourage students to take Advanced Honor level classes their freshman and sophomore years to prepare them for the rigor of the IB curriculum. 
Community Questions

Is the IB program closed?

No, the IB program is open to all students at Oakland that meet the minimum requirements. Oakland is also an open zone and zone waivers can be applied for through the Rutherford Country School Board.

Is the IB program going to move to the new magnet school or another Rutherford County School?

No, if another school wants to offer the program they would have to go through the application process. The program cannot be moved to another school.

Do colleges pay any attention to IB Programs?
Yes.   You can use the “IB College Credit Guide” to examine the recognition policy for admission and credits for IB courses at any college.  Most colleges grant equal credit for IB and AP.  Colleges in Tennessee, Florida, Texas, Colorado, California and other selected colleges offer 30 semester hours of credit and sophomore standing for the IB Diploma.
If we live outside of the OHS school zone, what must we do?
Students that live outside the OHS school zone can apply for a zone exemption.  Those forms are available in April.  All students interested in pursuing an IB diploma will be given a zone exemption.  Rutherford County School Board has also approved transportation to out of zone students participating in the IB program.
Is it true that IB students don’t have a “life,” and that all they have time for is IB?
No, that is a complete myth!  The International Baccalaureate Organization seeks to prepare well-rounded students who are active social and academic participants.  IB Diploma students typically play football, basketball, tennis, golf, track, swimming and are cheerleaders.  They are active in newspaper, yearbook, theatre, music programs, band, community services organizations and churches.
Do you automatically get into Harvard with an IB Diploma?
No, nothing is automatic anywhere.  IB schools do have good luck getting students into Ivy Leagues with an IB diploma.
Other than college credit at many universities, what are the advantages of the IB diploma?
Academic fitness! IB diploma students are prepared for college and for work.  By staying IB Diploma status for all four years, each student is forced to deal with weaknesses as well as strengths.  Let’s suppose John is great in Math, Science, and English, but he is weak in foreign language and history.  John has to confront those weaknesses and bring himself to a level of competence.  Other programs allow John to leave the subject areas or take easier courses in the areas where he is weak, leaving him vulnerable in those areas when he attends college.  IB forces him to address those areas.  That is one hallmark of the IB diploma program!
What is the difference between the Diploma program and the Certificate program in IB?
Diploma students take all six of the subject area sequences to the end of that sequence.  In addition, they complete the requirements for Theory of Knowledge (TOK), the Extended Essay, and Creativity, Action and Service (CAS).  Certificate students do not complete all six course sequences and they do not do TOK, the Extended Essay, or the CAS.
How much does it cost to be in the IB Diploma Program?
Students are responsible for a total fee of $745.00 (per IB) that is payable over a two year period.
How is the IB program different from the AP program? 
The IB program serves not only the academically talented but also the highly motivated student. Students are required to be involved in intradisciplinary and interdisciplinary projects in the IB program. Certain courses require students to develop a portfolio of class work. They must take IB level courses in all academic areas as opposed to only isolated courses in areas of strength. Scores are derived from in class coursework as well as international external assessment. Emphasis is placed on essay writing and verbal communication skills in all areas of coursework.  The IB program also consist of 3 core components that are unique to IB.  CAS, Extended Essay and the Thoery of Knowledge help to ensure a well rounded student.